1972 M151A2
Body Repairs and Restoration
The Battery box and Tool box were packed full of wet sawdust and dirt. This is the
result. The Engine just needed a fuel line, spark plug, plug wire, and ignition timing to
get it running.
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After pressure washing you can see what is actually there. This MUTT had a 4-color
Summer U.S. and Europe Camoflage scheme over the original Olive Drab.
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Current Restorations
I used a come-along to return the fender and lower frame cross-member back to its
original position. Attaching it to the transmission cross-member near the frame rail.
Spot weld drilling of the right rear fender for replacement of the top wheel well cover.
Fender straightening and dent repair.
Rear corner Straightening.
Rear Panel Repair
Engine removal and Under-body prep
Channels are cut open so they can be pressure washed.
Dissassembly of suspension, drive-train and remaining components.
Media Blasting of complete body.
Treated with Jasco (Phosphoric Acid)
Rear Floor Replacement
Left and Right Rear Fender Replacement
Divider Floor Repair
Body Painting
Undercoating / Nonskid / Rail Rustproofing
Parts Blasting and Painting
Camoflauge pattern painting
Completed pics