1973 M151A2 COMPLETED  
Rescued from North Carolina, with the help of my boys I started sandblasting right away!
I gradually worked my way around the body sand blasting and removing parts as I went.
The new fuel tank was treated inside with a tank sealer kit from
Eastwood. The fuel pan
area was blasted, primed, painted and undercoated.
The battery box and passenger floorpan was solid and just needed surface rust and old
rubberized coating removed.
Next came the blasting and painting of various parts and replacement of windshield
glass, seal etc.
Primer is Gillespie Coatings Red Oxide over a coat of Cold Galvanizing Compound.
Topcoat is Gillespie FS595 Forest Green purchased from
Rapco Parts Co.
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Replacement of bearings and other suspension components was a good time for the
little MV'rs to get their hands dirty
The finished product! There is no feeling like the one you get when you have brought
back to life a long forgotten MV.
Heater Kit Installation
Completed pic November 2000
Still going strong 2007
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